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Children in San Quintin, Mexico

Mexico is a country of stark economic contrasts. Wealth in Mexico is concentrated in Mexico City and in the states along the U.S. border, but these areas do not qualify for Mexico’s primary poverty alleviation program, Oportunidades. Nearly half (44.2%) of the Mexican population live in poverty, with 10.5% living in extreme poverty. Even in Mexico’s richest state, Baja California, where the poverty rate is 21.1%, the poor have little access to books and to decent education.

Hoope book: Boy Without a Name cover

The bilingual Spanish/English of
The Boy Without a Name

by Idries Shah

Since 2009, ICE has donated 1140 Hoopoe books in beautiful Spanish/English bilingual editions to the children of San Quintin, Mexico through One Life One Chance, a Canadian charity that builds houses for the poor of the region. Each family housed by One Life One Chance receives our books.

We also donate our books to NGO’s, schools and orphanages in the region. For most of these children, our books were the first they ever owned.

In the coming year, we hope to donate 10,000 books to One Life One Chance and other charities that help disadvantaged children in Mexico learn to read.

For just $30, we can provide ten beautiful Spanish/English books to Mexican children in need. Please consider making a donation.

Our Mexican Partners

One Life One Chance.