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Upcoming Events

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Illustration of villagers eating watermelon from the book The Clever Boy and the Terrible Dangerous Animal
Illustation by Rose Mary Santiago from the book The
Clever Boy and the Terrible, Dangerous Animal
by Idries Shah.

Past Events


Happy Birthday Mulla Nasrudin (Nasrudin-Poster.pdf)
Saturday November 13th, 2010, Toronto

An Intimate Tribute to PK Page(PKPageTribute.pdf)
April 17-18, 2010, Victoria
This event will bring together ten poets, actors, dancers, singers and musicians to celebrate a selection of P.K. Page’s theatrical, musical, and children’s works. An exhibition and reception are included.


Mulla Nasrudin's Birthday Party (MullaBirthdayflyerTor07.pdf)
Saturday October 20, 2007, Toronto
As zany as our first, but even better! This cross-cultural benefit for Canadian literacy features Afghan tales, Middle Eastern Dance; Music from Greek, Arab, Macedonian, Georgian and Judeo-Spanish Cultures—and the Madcap Mulla's thought-provoking jokes, of course! Click here for press release.

A Melon Grows in Kandahar (melonOtta.pdf)
January 28, 2007, Ottawa
Featuring Storyteller Aubrey Davis.


Unless The Eye Catch Fire: A Benefit for Canadian Literacy (fireEye.pdf)
December 9-10, 2006, Victoria
A bittersweet prelude of the Seasons, preceding the demise of our Planet - Earth. This poetic monologue was written in the early seventies by P.K.Page and is more relevant to our Global Warming predicament than ever before. Featuring Romany Miller, who has worked as an actor in Canada, South Africa and England, with original music by performed Douglas Hensley.

Afghan Storytelling: A Benefit for Canadian Literacy featuring Toronto Storyteller Aubrey Davis (melonVan.pdf)
November 22, 2006, Vancouver
Aubrey Davis has told Afghan tales for over 25 years across Canada and the US. His latest book, Bagels from Benny, won the Sydney Taylor Award (Association of Jewish Libraries), Society of School Librarians International Book Award, and Canadian Jewish Book Award. Click here for press release.

Afghan Storytelling: A Benefit for Canadian Literacy featuring Toronto Storyteller Aubrey Davis (melonCal.pdf)
November 20, 2006, Calgary

Mulla Nasrudin Birthday Party: A Cross Cultural Benefit for Canadian Literacy (nasrudinTor.pdf)
November 18, 2006, Toronto
Featuring music, storytelling, and the film "Tomorrow May Be Judgment Day!" starring Afghanistan’s Oldest & Zaniest Mulla Nasrudin. Have fun while helping to promote literacy and understanding between cultures. Click here to see press release.