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Press Releases

YWCA thanks ICE for donating books to low-income families with diverse needs in Vancouver.
Feb. 25, 2016

We are saddened by the loss Iain Marrs, our good friend and longtime volunteer. He was brilliant and kind; a wonderful man.
Sep. 25, 2015

ICE has donated 100 books to the Richmond Christmas Fund in BC. A picture of one of our books is shown with one of the Richmond volunteers in the article in The Richmond Review by Mathew Hoekstra.
Dec. 10, 2014

In the fall of 2013 we delivered 1500 teachers' guides to Afghan schools together with 10,000 Dari-Pashtun & English language Editions of Hoopoe Books to children in Kunar and Nangarhar Provinces. We also donated 10,000 English editions to Canadian children and 500 Spanish editions to Mexican children in Cuernavaca.
Feb. 1, 2014

Canadian newspaper praises teaching stories for children, calling them “rich in characters, plots and imagery”.
Feb. 16, 2013

National group of concerned citizens runs a story about ICE’s work to bridge the alarming literacy gap in Canada.
December, 2012

The best stories for children , which recently appeared in the Belleville Intelligencer, explores the benefits of Hoopoe Books' teaching stories.
June 23, 2012

Another 3000 books donated to Afghan children in Chaghcharan in Ghor province in partnership with Mobile Mini Circus for Children
June 7, 2012

4000 books donated to children in Jalalabad in Nangarhar province in partnership with Mobile Mini Circus for Children, an international NGO.
June 7, 2012

Canadian Forces in Kabul Distribute Children's Tales to Promote Literacy in Afghanistan
May 29, 2012

Canadian Charity Makes Second Large Donation of Children's Tales to Kids in Afghanistan
February 20, 2012

Canadian Non-Profit Donates Thousands of Traditional Children's Tales to Kids in Afghanistan
January 14, 2011

Fighting Illiteracy in Afghanistan is No Laughing Matter to Torontonians Or Is It?
October 1, 2010

Family of Late Poet PK Page Creates Book Fund to Promote Children’s Literacy
July 9, 2010

An Intimate Tribute to PK Page – A Private Fundraiser for the Institute for Cross-Cultural Exchange
March 30, 2010

Canadian Charity Tackles Illiteracy with Huge Book Donation of Children’s Stories from the Middle East
February 9, 2010

Wacky Mulla Eludes Authorities, Slips Across Border to Help Canadian Kids Read
October 15, 2007

Traditional Stories Are Helping Children in Afghanistan Learn to Read
October 2006

Afghanistan’s Oldest – and Funniest – Mulla Helps Canadian Children Learn to Read
October 2006