the Institute for Cross-cultural Exchangethe Institute for Cross-cultural Exchange

Other Ways to Make a Difference

Making a donation is only one way to assist ICE. Below are some additional avenues that you can take to help us alleviate the problem of childhood illiteracy in Canada.

Tell Everyone about our Affiliate Programs

Helping ICE can be as easy and quick as the push of a button. In our affiliate programs a percentage of all online retail purchases are directed to ICE. Click here to view our affiliate programs page. Please inform family, friends, and colleagues, through word of mouth or by email, about our affiliate webpages. Copy and paste the URL of the webpage into an email and send it to everyone you know.

Adopt ICE as your school charity

Is your elementary school or high school looking for a worthwhile cause to support? Are you an educator? Do you know other educators who would be interested in helping ICE? If so, consider partnering with ICE in your next class or school fundraising initiative. It is one way of helping ensure that children in communities all across Canada learn how to read. 

Through school fundraisers, students can give a traditional Afghan Teaching-Story to less advantaged children across Canada ( For many, this will be the first book they own. Not only can this help young Canadian children learn to read, it is also an opportunity for students and book recipients alike to learn about Afghanistan and to better understand a region where Canada is so deeply involved. For more information, please send an email to ICE director, David Cottle at

Hold Your Own Fundraising Event

From auctions to car washes to garage sales to ‘walk-a-thons’, local fundraising events are ever-popular ways to assist one’s charity of choice. Holding your own event is not just a great way to satisfy your philanthropic goals – it also helps raise community or workplace spirit while helping to raise awareness for ICE. We will soon be making available a fundraising kit that offers prospective event planners useful tools for carrying out their vision. Click here for fundraising ideas.

Books for Books

Do you have any old or used books collecting dust on your shelves or in your closets? If you do, why not trade them in for cash at a used bookstore near you and then donate the proceeds to ICE?  With the money you raise we can deliver brand-new Hoopoe Books to at-risk children in communities across the country. Even a modest contribution can go a long way – it all helps put children on the lifelong path of literacy.