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Event Promotion Tips

APPROACH the Media

Depending on the size and type of your fundraising event, you may want to contact national and local media outlets to see if they would be interested in running a story about your fundraiser.

Make a list of all local and national media in your area, (including TV stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers). Include contact names and information for specific program producers and/or section editors – especially those that deal with city, community or entertainment news. Most of this information can be found via the Internet.

Two to three weeks before your event, call the media outlets to confirm your contact names and email addresses. Then email your press release to your media contacts with the press announcement pasted in the body of your email. If the media outlet is bi-weekly or monthly, then send it earlier. Follow up a few days later with a phone call to discuss the idea.

To see examples of ICE event press releases, click here.


TV, radio, print and web media often reserve time and space to announce weekly local events. Contact them well in advance of the event for details, requirements and deadlines.

USE the Internet

The Internet can be a very efficient and powerful way to spread word of your fundraiser in the months and weeks leading up to it. Send e-mails inviting friends, family and colleagues and ask people to pass the word around. You may want to include groups or organizations that may have a connection with the theme of your event.

If you are a Facebook user, creating an event listing and inviting all of your friends will give your event considerable exposure, even beyond your immediate online network. Online classifieds like Craigslist, as well as local event web-listings are also good venues to get additional exposure. Ask friends and family to mention your event on their blogs and websites.

DISTRIBUTE Posters and Pamphlets

If your budget allows, print attractive posters and pamphlets and post them at community centres, public libraries, university campuses and at cafes, eateries, bars, and bookstores.


Let us know in advance about the details of your event and we will post it on our website. Contact John Zada at