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Why Raise Funds for ICE?

For a disadvantaged child to own a book to read, re-read and share with his or her family is tragically rare. A book that helps develop reading and thinking skills, and also offers a better understanding of other cultures, may be rarer still.

A Canadian all-volunteer charity that provides that book free of charge is priceless.

Fundraising as an Individual

As an individual you can make a difference. Any number of simple efforts can be undertaken to raise money in ways that best suit your own circumstances and schedule: from selling unwanted items, to working a few overtime hours, to taking up a money collection among friends, family and colleagues. Below, we list some examples of how you, as an individual, can help ICE:

  • Tell Everyone About Our Affiliates Programs

    Helping ICE can be as easy and quick as the push of a button. In our affiliate programs a percentage of all online retail purchases are directed to ICE. Click here to view our affiliate programs page. You can inform family, friends, and colleagues, through word of mouth or by email, about our affiliate web pages. Copy and paste the URL of the webpage into an email and send it to everyone you know.

  • Sell Your Unwanted Items

    The emergence of online classifieds has made selling used items faster and easier than ever before. You can sell any unwanted items on eBay, Craigslist or Kijjiji and donate the proceeds to ICE. With the money you raise we can deliver brand-new Hoopoe Books to at-risk children in communities across the country. Even a modest contribution can go a long way – it all helps put children on the lifelong path of literacy.

  • Save a Dollar, Give a Dollar

    You can keep track of deliberate and/or inadvertent financial savings made in your day-to-day transactions over a period of a month - or a few months - and donate the amount of those cumulative savings to ICE.

  • Books for Books

    Do you have any old or used books collecting dust on your shelves or in your closets? If you do, why not trade them in for cash at a used bookstore near you and then donate the proceeds to ICE? The proceeds generated by the sale of used books will go directly towards purchasing new books for children who need them.

  • Using Our Fundraising Letter to Take Up a Collection

    You can take up a donations collection for ICE by mail and/or email using our fundraising letter: it outlines to the recipient how and why we need their help, and how their money will be spent. To help raise funds for ICE, click here to download our fundraising letter in MS Word which you can either print out to paper, attach to, or copy and paste into the body of an email – and then mail to your choice of recipients.

Fundraising as a Group

Local group fundraising initiatives are an effective and important way of helping ICE raise money to provide at-risk children with their first books. Select activities that make good use of your interests, talents, knowledge, skills and human resources. Or try something brand new and challenging. Some ideas and useful suggestions for group fundraising efforts are listed below:

  • Recruit a School Fundraising Partner

    You can take advantage of affiliations and linkages with a local elementary or high school to propose a partnership in a fundraising effort. Schools are ideal partners: they can provide access to facilities and can mobilize students to organize and execute events in partnership with ICE.

  • Create Your Own Group Fundraising Event

    From auctions to car washes to garage sales to ‘walk-a-thons’, local fundraising events are ever-popular ways to assist your charity of choice. Holding your own event is not just a great way to satisfy your philanthropic goals—it also helps raise community or workplace spirit while helping to raise awareness for ICE. Click here to see our suggested steps for creating your own group fundraising event.