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Why Hoopoe Books

More and more educators are recognizing the need to provide our children with the impacts, experiences, and support they need to develop greater flexibility in their thinking, a wider range of responses to emotional stimulus, and a stronger sense of self. Very few books currently available to children provide this benefit.

Hoopoe titles

There is growing recognition among educators that the Teaching-Stories collected and written for children by Idries Shah and published by Hoopoe Books are uniquely effective in the development of reading, language, and thinking skills.

Originating in the storytelling traditions of Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Middle East, these teaching tales, somewhat like poetry, are designed to activate contextual thinking skills associated with the right side of the brain. They provide a glimpse into a rich and historically vibrant culture and body of literature from this region at a time when it is much needed. Their universal themes help children manage a range of issues: how to deal with fear, overcome difficulties, build self-confidence, find peaceful solutions; work for goals and dreams.

These beautifully illustrated stories resonate with children. They encourage a love of literature that can affect children positively throughout their lives.

Hoopoe Books have a proven literacy track record: thousands of books and manuals have been distributed to children, parents, and educators in successful literacy programs in Indiana, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Texas, and Florida. And Hoopoe makes available free downloadable teaching materials, all prepared by professional educators. 

Finally, ISHK/Hoopoe Books is itself unique: a nonprofit, almost entirely all volunteer organization with an educational mandate, willing to provide brand new high quality books at cost. 

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